´╗┐Comments about Kate Gladstone's  aparence on “Meeet the Author”

“Great! Keep up the good work, Kate!”

Christopher Jarman, handwriting curriculum designer and calligrapher

“Wow and congratulations!”

Scott Badesch, President of the Autism Society of America

“Very cool!”

Lucas Steuber, MS SLP-CF, MA-T, Founder/CEO of the Portland Language Craft speech and language pathology center  

“Congratulations, didi [ = ‘sister’]. Good work. I salute you. I’m proud of you.”

Mohan Ray, founder of the Healthy Handwriting Institute

“Very nice!”

Peter Shao, designer and 3-D printing entrepreneur

“I’m 90% of the way through your video, now, and it is splendid. You are both eloquent and articulate. Speaking without notes, you sound as though you’re reading from an unusually erudite Teleprompter. You probably could not make yourself more clearly understood with telepathy. I learned a ton—painlessly. Thanks for sending the link.”

Spider Robinson, author of science fiction and non-fiction

“Thanks very much. I had no idea there was so much to know about handwriting, nlot to mention that there's so much nonsense in a lot of teaching of handwriting.”

Nancy Lebovitz, calligrapher and creator of thought-provoking buttons ´╗┐

(NOTE FROM KATE: My video might have been unnecessary if more people (especially teachers) kept in mind what Nancy states on one of her buttons, below:

Own Opinions Not Own Facts

“Good for you, Kate. Keep it up.”

ValerieYule, literacy teacher in Australia

“Kate, that is great! You did a wonderful job. So composed. I’m sharing it on Facebook right now!”

Kathy Johnson, founder of the Pyramid of Potential learning center 

“Congratulations, Kate! Well done! That is so awesome!”

Jacquie Shabel, owner of Soul Sonic Marketing

Luqman Michel emailed me a podcast of Kate Gladstone on ‘Meet the Author,’ discussing her new ebook  on the history and importance of handwriting. This is a great presentation, and another FB friend, Nan Barchowsky, sells books with CDs on handwriting improvement at her site, https://www.bfhhandwriting.com/

Bob Rose, education research and retired teacher of reading 

“It is very interesting for all to learn so many new topics about handwriting. I strongly support her to stop [the] old cursive. This talk-show was very amazing for all to learn so many new topics about the world of handwriting. Earlier I never saw these in any book, or heard them anywhere. All kind of handwriting-related people will be benefited from it. I salute her research and contribution in the field of handwriting.”

Alauddin “Handwritrix” Ahmed, handwriting instructor, handwriting textbook author, and calligrapher

“Great interview!”

Thomas R. Hutson Retired diplomat, writer, singer, and incessant traveler totally devoted to Bessie's PEACE, A Search and Struggle for Her for Disarmament, Nonviolence and Reconciliation with its main activities on YouTube (Thomas Hutson GLOW Presentation).

"I finally got around to viewing this. It's impressive. You are very well-spoken." 

Geoff Baldwin, historian 

“Congratulations! *Very* nicely done, Kate; wonderfully clear and detailed. Should be used as an instructional video. Bravo! ”

Leslie Fish, author (fiction and non-fiction), singer/songwriter, and instrumentalist