The World Handwriting Contest accepts entries each year from January 1 until June 30. To qualify for prizes in a given year, an entry must arrive on or before June 30 of that year.
The Contest judges and director will select winners each year, beginning in July and continuing if necessary through September.

Prize-winners' names and writing-samples typically appear on the Contest web-page as soon as possible after the judging - in other words, July or August when possible (but, if necessary, beginning in September or October) and remain on display on the Contest web-page for a full year (until after the judging of the next year's contest), At that time, the new prize-winners' names and writing-samples will replace them.

WHC distributes prizes to the contest-winners each year, distributing all prizes by December.

Mail your entry as early as possible. Postal systems can take several days or weeks to deliver an envelope, particularly when the mail must travel between countries.We cannot accept any facsimile (fax). Electronic submissions may be made by email as provided below.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask each writer to submit only one entry each year. An individual who has written more than one entry must select only one entry to send. In order to avoid overwork for our judges, beginning in 2008 the World Handwriting Contest will disqualify writers who send more than one entry.


Anyone in the world, age 8 or over, may enter the World Handwriting Contest. Our team of judges will evaluate your entry within ONE of the following age groups.
1. Children (age 7 and under)
2. Pre-Teens (ages 8 through 12)
3. Teens (ages 13 through 19)
4. Adults (ages 20 through 64)
5. Seniors (ages 65 and older)
PLEASE NOTE: in 2006 and previously, the Contest had only four age groups because during those years we did not accept entries from those age 8 and under. For 2007 and future years, we have changed this rule and will now accept entries from those age 8 and under, designating this judging group as "Children." Accordingly, we have changed the name of the 8-through-12 age group from "Children" to "Pre-Teens."

Within each age group, the judges will sort submissions into two categories of handwriting:

FUNCTIONAL HANDWRITING - which strives for legibility, speed, and fluency without aiming at artistic effect. For this category, the judges will further separate entries as cursive or manuscript (printing).
CURSIVE - joins 50% or more of its letters.
MANUSCRIPT (print-writing) - joins fewer than 50% of its letters.

ARTISTIC HANDWRITING - uses a monoline or calligraphy marker, pen, or brush along with decorative strokes, flourishes, or combinations of shading and hairlines to create an artistic effect.

WHC will award first and second prizes in each of these categories and subcategories.

PLEASE NOTE: the judges - not the contest entrants - determine the category and subcategory in which each entry belongs.

WHC will award first and second prizes in each of these categories and subcategories. PLEASE NOTE: the judges - not the contest entrants - determine the category and subcategory in which each entry belongs.


We provide two quotes (given below) for contestants to write.

Contestants under age 12 should write out the first (shorter) of the two copy-quotes. (NOTE: Contestants younger than age 8 do not have to write out the whole quote, but they must write at least the first two sentences of the quote. Contestants age 8 or older must write the entire quote.)

Contestants ages 13 and older should write out the second (longer) copy-quote.

Write out and submit the quote selected for your age group. Please do not write additional material within your entry.

• Use either lined or unlined paper, 81/2 x 11 inches or A4 size.

• Use any of the following writing instruments: ballpoint pen, fountain pen, felt/fiber tip marker, or calligraphy pen/brush. (Use the same writing instrument throughout the entry.) Because we scan winning entries for display, please use only black ink and white or light-colored paper (plain or lined) with no pre-printed pictures or decorations..

• The written quote must fit on the front side of ONE sheet of paper. Allow at least a 1/2-inch margin on all sides of the quote.

• On the backside of your entry (not on the front), or in the text of the  email to which a scan write in English is attached write

  1. your full name,
  2. your full address,
  3. your age on July 1 of the year you send your entry,
  4. your phone number, and
  5. your e-mail address (if any).

Please do not use a separate piece of paper for this information, and please do not write this information on the front of the entry. The back of each entry must contain that entry's own legible identifying information.

Students: if you wish your school to receive notification of a win, give the school’s name and address along with your own. All personal information will remain confidential. The World Handwriting Contest will use student information only to notify winners and, in an aggregate manner, for research purposes.

• You do not have to send your first attempt: in fact, we expect that you will not send your first attempt. Remember that the allotted time runs from January 1st through June 30th, so take all the time you need to practice and send your best effort.

DO NOT cross out or make erasures. Do NOT send "rough drafts." If you make a mistake, start over: do NOT erase, cross out, "white out," or cover up your errors. Visible erasurescross-outs/cover-ups/"whiting out" will count more heavily against your work than the original errors themselves.

• Contest judges will evaluate entries based on each entry's demonstrated

LEGIBILITY (how easily we can read the writing),

FLUENCY (the smoothness, grace, and flow of the writing),

and COMPETENCE (choice of layout and margins; spacing between letters, words, and lines; consistency of letter size and forms; accuracy of the quote; neatness and general appearance; spelling; and whether the entrant strove to follow the letter and spirit of the Contest rules).

• All entries become the property of the contest. The World Handwriting Contest will not return submitted entries.

OFFICIAL QUOTES (that you must write for the Contest)

HANDWRITING: that action of emotion, of thought, and of decision that has recorded the history of mankind, revealed the genius of invention, and disclosed the inmost depths of the heart. Handwriting ties us to the thoughts and deeds of our forebears and serves as an irrevocable link to our humanity. No machine or technology can replace the contribution or continuing importance of this skill. It has been necessary in every age and is just as vital to civilization as our next breath.
-Michael R. Sull-

HANDWRITING: that action of emotion, of thought, and of decision that has recorded the history of mankind, revealed the genius of invention, and disclosed the inmost depths of the soulful heart. It gives ideas tangible form through written letters, pictographs, symbols, and signs. Handwriting forms a bond across millennia and generations that not only ties us to the thoughts and deeds of our forebears, but also serves as an irrevocable link to our humanity. Neither machines nor technology can replace the contribution or continuing importance of this inexpensive portable skill. Necessary in every age, handwriting remains just as vital to the enduring saga of civilization as our next breath.
-Michael R. Sull-

All entries (handwritten copy-quotes in your handwriting) must go to the headquarters of the World Handwriting Contest (address below), EXCEPT FOR ENTRIES FROM ANY COUNTRY WHICH IS LISTED AS HAVING ITS OWN NATIONAL AFFILIATE OF THE WORLD HANDWRITING CONTEST. Entries from any such country (listed below the international headquarters address) must be sent to the national affiliate in that country. The national affiliate address for any country with a national affiliate of the World Handwriting Contest is listed directly below the name of the country. Entries may also be submitted as scans by email.

Entries may also be submitted scans (at 600 bpi or greater) of a  handwritten copy-quotes in your handwriting emailed as an attachment  to the email address . Only one entry may be sent with an email, if more than one entry is sent in an email all the entries in the email will be rejected.. The email must have the information required to be on the back of a handwritten entry in the text of the email. The email should have the word entry in its title. The attachment should be in the form of GIF, JPG, or PNG file.

World Handwriting Contest
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Phone number (718) 482-6763

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World Handwriting Contest
Deependra Ratna Shakya
Nepalese Council
Mobile No. : 9801068344

WHC acknowledges that
a diversity of models exists — good handwriting may take many forms —

and that
a winning penmanship can harmoniously combine the influences of more than one style of handwriting.


The directors of WHC do not regard
an entry written in one particular style or type of writing as inherently "better" or "more mature" or "more desirable" than an entry of equal quality written in some other style (or written in a personal style which harmoniously combines the influences of more than one style or method of writing).

For example:

    WHC does not require or prefer 100% joining, use of loops on letter-stems, particular letter-formations for capitals, etc. in its cursive handwriting entries.
    WHC does not require or prefer a particular size or slant of writing, or a particular type or shape of stroke.

Generally, WHC does not require or prefer handwriting to adhere to this or that specific style of writing. An entry that follows a given handwriting-method does not receive "extra credit" from WHAC over an equally high-quality entry which shows a "mixed" influence, and/or which otherwise departs from one or more particulars of a taught system of penmanship.

WHC does expect easily legible, fluent writing whose slant (if any), size, spacing, and overall rhythm remain reasonably consistent throughout. With regard to these and other factors, the WHC takes the writer's age into full consideration.

For practical reasons, the WHC also takes into account the number of entries received in any given year. The more entries we receive, the stiffer competition any given entry will face, and the more stringently we will apply our standards for judging.

Happy writing!
  The judges may disallow any entry whose quality does not meet the quality standards for winning a prize, even if there are no other entries in that Division.