“I recently attended a webinar given by Kate Gladstone on Handwriting Repair and was so impressed that she thought to train us about how a young 5 year old thinks and feels when learning to write. How true that when a teacher tells the child to move the pencil “up” the page, that that does not necessarily translate correctly if the page is flat on a desk. We don’t all think alike, and may have different problems learning, depending on our point of view. It is refreshing to hear from a person who was in that position of having to overcome handwriting issues firsthand – and can now teach it in an organized and simple manner. Thank you Kate!”

Kathy Johnson, MS Ed

“Christmas cards are going well — no pain in the thumb at all! Thanks! Ever since I repaired my handwriting under your guidance, I’ve been getting rave reviews about the appearance of my writing, but the biggest benefit for me has been regaining the ability to write without pain. The beauty of the writing is a wonderful bonus!”

Kelly D., Escalon, California

“Before my son started working with Kate, the spacing of his handwriting was bad, the writing was all off the lines and it was close to illegible. After starting with Kate at the end of second grade, he made a lot of progress, not only in legibility, but in spacing, capitalization, and speed.

After working with Kate once every week or two over the summer: It’s legible, it’s on the lines, the spacing is reasonable, and he is much less self-conscious about his handwriting. I can read it and at the same time he was writing at a much faster pace. He doesn’t have even close to the best handwriting in his class (and he probably never will), but he has caught up to the point that it is no longer holding him back in school and he is able to complete writing assignments that can be read by the teacher in a reasonable amount of time.

Kate has done a great job working with him on his handwriting, and I would highly recommend her for assisting the handwriting-challenged of any age.”

Eric J., Albany, New York

“I have no aspirations for calligraphy, but I do find myself paying more and more attention to aesthetics and process these days, and this is one area I’d like to improve. Thank you for making so much sense!”

(After his first afternoon of learning and practice)
“All right, Kate … So for today I’ve taught myself as much as possible about Italic, and in the third paragraph I’ll show you what I’ve been able to accomplish so far. I’m not exactly cocky about it, but I think I’m comfortable enough with it to write a fairly quick paragraph below. I’m still curious to see where all of this goes. I’m not exactly blazing new trails— I’m sure I’m still making lots of mistakes, and this paper is pretty cheap, too, but I’m encouraged enough to continue. I really need to work on my “y” a lot more, but for an afternoon’s worth of work, I’m fairly pleased, and will very likely write my poetry manuscripts this way.”

(After completing the course)
“This italic cursive journey has been quite a little ride! I can actually read my journals without squinting now, and when I have to write people notes, I usually get some sort of compliment. This is somewhat strange to me; in aggregate, I don’t feel as it I’ve changed it all that much. But my journals don’t lie. And by now, you’ve compiled quite a little dossier on me, too.

Guess what? You gave me better letters!
Thanks, Kate!”

Keith Deshaies, Seattle, Washington

(After one lesson)
“Dear Kate,
As you can see my handwriting is much better. I have to improve the joining, ascendants and descendants and the drawing of some letters but at least it’s readable how! Copying is easier than writing and thinking all the same time, however I’m happy with myr esults and I’m keeping on practicing. Thanks again for your help.”

(After several lessons)
“Dear Kate,
I attach a sample of my new handwriting. It improved so much in such a little time! I still have a lot to do but with these results I have solved half of my problems. It’s such a pleasure to have a good handwriting, you want to do nothing but writing. Before this I hated to write, I used type even for my shopping list.

Thanks a lot for your advice, it really worked. During these days I thought a lot about the importance of the handwriting. A bad handwriting can restrict you in many ways. How many letters I didn’t send and what a shame when friends or teachers can’t read what you wrote. Before coming across your website I was sure that handwriting is like the color of your eyes, something you just can’t change. How foolish I was!

Thanks a lot for your work.”