Handwriting Growth Chart

This series of handwriting-samples appears with the gracious permission of its author, technical writer and poet Keith Deshaies. The samples show this student’s progress during three months, working entirely by himself with suggestions and materials-recommendations provided by me “long-distance” via e-mail and phone.

Note that samples for some dates show Keith experimenting with more than one writing-tool and/or writing technique. I encourage students to try various techniques and tools in order to see for themselves what works best for them. Obtaining the needed tools may be as simple as finding the right pen or pencil.

February 9
Right after this student found me.

February 10
A formal pre-instruction sample, where this student chose to show me the different ways he’d been writing.

February 11
Copying an essay for practice. I encourage my students to find and copy material that appeals to them.

February 12
Copying a catalog entry for practice.

February 14
Copying another essay for practice.

February 18
Once more copying essay for practice.

March 8
Copying a Shakespearean sonnet for practice.

March 8
Student uses his new handwriting to write original poetry.

April 6
Using various fountain pens to copy the back-cover text of a handwriting book I recommend.

April 29
Note from student.