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Read Cursive Fast

Crack the code of cursive! Kate Gladstone’s book, Read Cursive Fast, makes cursive make sense. Starting with individual letter recognition, readers quickly learn to decode cursive sentences, stories, and even historical documents.

Stage-Write Handwriting Paper

This is a six stage series of handwriting papers that begins with clearly defined writing spaces and perceptual cues that fade in successive Stages as the student gains mastery.

TriOn Pen/Pencil Grip

The only invertible pen grip: large and medium sizes invert to provide a choice of grip shapes: rounded triangle or the contoured, it’s two grips in one. Molded of surgical silicon gel, no latex.

SuperStyluScripTipTastic Pen

The pen that guides your handwriting. When the pen is closed, its tip doubles as a stylus for cell phones, tablets and touch-sensitive computers. Inside the pen barrel is a spring-action, pull-out scroll of handwriting tips from Kate.

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