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Reading and Curing Bad Handwriting

Published in Beautiful Calligraphy Website
by Kate Gladstone
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Technology isn’t always available and sometimes doesn’t always work — So even if we never write, we must decipher others’ handwriting. Often times others just have poor handwriting that has confusing loops.

Surprisingly many people – especially among those of us with one or more neurological disabilities – never managed to learn or remember how to read conventional North American looped cursive: even if managing to write it, somewhat, after a zillion lessons.

You are Evaluated By Your Handwriting
Further, we are often evaluated on the basis of handwriting.

My earliest handwriting memory involves a readiness test for kindergarten.

Difficulties here would have classed me as “not ready for school” — but the examiner accidentally discovered I could read. I remember asking grownups why letters looked so different in books than on worksheets and elsewhere. Grownups told me these letters were “the same.”

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